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Sit & Stay is still functioning as normal for now, but we are taking precautions.  If you have been ill or have symptoms of COVID-19, we apologize, but we will be unable to serve you at this time, in order to keep our staff well.  We urge all of our clients to please stay healthy in these uncertain times.  If you need to cancel your reservation, please make sure to do so within the allotted time to avoid any cancellations fees.  Thank you for your continued support and stay safe.

Happy Spring! - Now Offering:


Concierge Services to all Sit & Stay Clientele:

Concierge Services to all Sit & Stay Clientele:

Concierge Services to all Sit & Stay Clientele:

  • Have an errand you need to run but don't have the time?  Need someone to meet the repair man so you don't have to miss work?  Did the cable company give you a 4 hour window for installation?  Look no further than Sit & Stay and let us help you save the day!
    • Up to 2 hours / $30
    • 3-6 hours / $65
    • 7 or more hours / $125


Gift Certificates - Purr-fect Gift:

Concierge Services to all Sit & Stay Clientele:

Concierge Services to all Sit & Stay Clientele:

  • Click the link here and buy the Purr-fect gift for your family, friends, and neighbors .  Give the gift of care, love, and home security with a Sit & Stay gift certificate.


Northshore Humane Society:

Concierge Services to all Sit & Stay Clientele:

Northshore Humane Society:

  • Ever new client that chooses Sit & Stay for their house and pet sitting needs, a donation is made to the Northshore Humane Society.  


Your Pets~Our Clients~One Goal

  • A company that goes above and beyond just walking & feeding.
  • Check out our availability calendar below and book your reservation today.

Sit & Stay Overnight Availability

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WAITING LIST AVAILABLE: Please send an email to Katie.SitandStay@gmail.com with your Name, Contact Info, and Dates Requested.

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  • Daily Visitations are always available. (Unless otherwise specified.)
  • Follow the link supplied below for access to the overnight availability calendar.
  • Once you locate the available dates you need, please book your reservation in the section below.

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When Nature Paws

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Call today and find out what sets Sit & Stay apart from the other House & Pet Sitting companies in your area.  We pride ourselves on being the best and go above and beyond, providing customized services for your house and pet sitting needs, so you can rest easy while away.  To request a New Client Packet, please click the "Wipe Your Paws" button below.  Thank you.

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Available:  Monday - Saturday, Sunday*

Phone:  9am - 7pm / 2pm - 5pm*

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Owner: Katie Lynn Cotaya

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